Google Panda 4.0

Google Panda 4.0 is finally here! It is one of the numerous initiatives taken by Google to make your life easy. It just makes your life ever so simple if you are an end user, an entrepreneur with a website of your own, working professionals and every one out there globally who use Google.

Google Panda 4.0 gives you specific, diverse, accurate, and a precise search result that adds value to your searches. It takes out general, non-specific and a search output that is not substantially different from what is already out there. It throws out websites that are redundant, sites that do not add value, copy content, feature incorrect or poor quality content. These webpages will not rank well and therefore you will not get best results at the top of your search results.

Google Panda UpdateGoogle Panda algorithm was first released in February 2011 and was meant to check sites with deprived quality content from functioning their way into search engine result page. Since then Google has released several versions of Panda all aimed to provide searchers with the most relevant results and pushing spams, poor quality content lower down results page. In its endeavor and commitment towards its stake holders, Google has come up with its latest version Google Panda 4.0, which is a colossal update as compared to its previous versions.

If you have an online business or simply own a website, you need not worry. Google Panda 4.0 is a blessing in disguise for all you professionals! It compels you to come up with original, innovative, unique and informative content. Thereby enabling your site to stand out and get better search results, generate more leads resulting in increased revenue. Here are the few things that you should be absolutely certain about with Panda 4.0 update:

Ensure Original Content – Content is king! You have to create original, specific and unique content to get higher rank in search results. Even if you are creating content that is already existing ensure that it adds value and that the content is recreated, rewritten and not simply copy pasted. Panda is all about penalizing poor SEO tactics and rewarding great quality content that adds value to the readers.

 Regularly Update Content – Original content can give your site higher ranks but not sustainable success. To be relevant, successful and compete, you need to ensure that your content is constantly updated and revamped. For this, you can hire the services of SEO content writers, for they are well versed with all facets of search engine ranking criteria and can regularly create apt content.

Use Long Content – Wherever possible use longer, descriptive contents as longer content helps Google to understand perspective and build semantics around your domain and content matters. Remember longer content gives search engines more space to work with.

Content Quality – The quality of your content is of paramount importance. Though quantity matters but it should add value, should be jargon free, non-repetitive and precise. Make sure your content is well written grammatically, has no misspelled words and is not a lengthy stroll.


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