Google Pigeon Update – An initiative for Better User Experience

Pigeon update is finally here to improve, upgrade and update for better local search results!

On 27th July 2014 Google has released a new Google pigeon search algorithm that provides more valuable, appropriate and precise local search results as compared to traditional ranking signals. These changes have currently taken place in the US but rolling out worldwide and are available in Google Maps and search results pages.

Google Pigeon

Google pigeon update has an impact on local search results and some ventures are observing changes in their local ranking. Google have said that, this updates will improves local searches and location ranking for local businesses. We are expecting to see these changes over the next couple of days as well as local directories sites will enhance more promptly and will get better visibility in SERP. In short local searches are the new King. This algorithm is currently rolling out in US and provides better experience in local searches.

Google Update is aimed:

  • Local Listing packs diminish for a bulky number of Keywords:

In the past few days your site has experienced a traffic drop, this may be due to diminish of certain local listing. If this is the situation, in the short run you may need to cover traffic misfortune with PPC campaign, and in the long run concentrate on getting web search listing for those essential keywords.


  • Local ventures sustain an approach to gain additional exposure:

Magazine results put an overwhelming attention on your posting’s picture and rating, while demonstrating all choices side-by-side. So make a point to put a decent, astounding and appealing photograph in your Google+ business profile and urge your clients to review your business.


  • To provide the best match and spam free search results to its millions of users globally.
  • Ranking improvement is seen for Yelp and other local directories.
  • In short, it is one of the numerous steps taken by Google to provide better customer experience.
  • This step has only established its commitment towards its customer and therefore it is the number 1 search engine used worldwide.
  • Google have come up with many Updates to better catch those sites that were spamming the search results on its page.
  • This was basically targeted at sites that were purchasing links or were procuring them through the networks meant primarily to better Google rankings.

Remember that Google comes up with these updates to provide its end users with most relevant, up to date and latest search results at the top of their search page. The websites using unfair tactics to increase their site rankings nullify these efforts by Google. It is therefore imperative on your part as well to stay ethical and be creative with your link building tactics. You must have high quality content and let the better user experience initiate your ingenious link building strategy.

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