Mobile Marketing – Definition and Best Strategies

mobile commerceMobile marketing is the future of digital marketing It is a mode of marketing that includes smart phones to communicate vital and valuable aspects of a product and services to the large targeted audience. According to the latest survey, 5 billion people possess mobile phones to research and search for local discounts and hunt for latest products or services as the scope of contemporary mobile marketing is developing at a remarkable pace. It is one of the fastest evolving platforms of marketing due to its ease of use, efficiency, convenience and affordability. Today almost every second person has a smart phone and every literate individual is tech savvy.

Mobile marketing is growing in double digits year on year and almost all business have followed Be it retail, IT, Pharma, Consumer Durable Industry, Banking, etc. they have all come up either with their mobile apps or platforms which can be accessed through cell phones. The overall response to mobile marketing has just been amazing across the sectors. The financial markets, insurance companies, e-commerce firms have all taken to this medium of marketing. Today it is no longer a luxury it is a necessity!

Due to the robust growth of Mobile marketing, the irony today is that the glorified mediums of marketing such as television, print media and even web e-commerce is being used to promote marketing through mobiles better known as m-marketing. Broadly the mobile marketing involves entire activity that commences on mobile gadgets in order to advertise products and services, buy, sell or simply market it to billions of smartphones and wireless proprietors. Mobile offers exclusive ranges of advertising opportunities to the viewer’s globally simply because of the fact that most of them are glued to their devices round the clock. This just gives the business unmatched reach and visibility.

However to help your businesses gain through this booming mode of m-marketing you need to follow these few steps-

Have a Responsive Website:

It is vital to have a responsive website as it is the foremost network of conversion. It is extremely important to have a receptive website that works functionally on any of the mobile devices. Your site should be compatible to work in any of the wireless mobile devices at any time within a few seconds. This boosts the online mobile visibility of any brand. Just ensure to have concise, crisp, informative and alluring site.

Choose Best Platforms and Appropriate Strategy for Mobile Marketing:

SMS Marketing: SMS stands for short messaging services and it is the fastest and most inexpensive way of marketing to target large masses. SMS marketing offers far better solutions as compared to email marketing

MMS Marketing: MMS stands for multimedia messaging and provides video presentations instead of text messages. It is the comparatively expensive channel of marketing and should be used judiciously to targets specific set of audience

Mobile App Marketing: Mobile applications are sure shot success! Most of the commercial proprietors are generating their own apps to send discounts offer and advertising to their consumers. It is a tried and tested method of promotion and local businesses are increasingly selecting customized apps in order to advertise their product and services. App store optimization is a marketing strategy that is habitually used to advertise the app on app stores like Google Play and iTunes in order to obtain more app downloads.

Mobile Search and Display Ads: Customers spent valuable time searching for brands, items, cost, comparisons etc. on their mobile gadgets. Pay Per Click is the excellent approach to reach potential customers. However for this it is essential to lay emphasis on Google ads.

In-Game Mobile Marketing: The world of gaming has taken an incredible growth path where people are increasingly engaged in downloading and playing mobile games during their spare times. So vendors should not miss such opportunities and explore entire promotion selection available on the gaming websites. It helps brands to gain diverted traffic and conversion by promoting on mobile gaming channels.

Before starting any campaign always select the best mobile marketing strategy that helps your business to boom!


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