Web Developers vs Web Designers

wd_vs_wd_into“Web developers” and “web designers” are the two different terms with unique definition. Both terms seems to be similar but have two different meanings. It has its own unique features to build a website. To get phenomenal appearance along with proper navigation then both web developers and web designers are required to augment a website.

Web Designers / UI Designer

Web design covers many diverse abilities with experience in fabricating and maintaining a website. It is a responsibility of a web designer to use its creativity to execute an excellent design which attracts an audience all around the globe. Web Designers always bestow visual effect that makes a website user friendly. They have proper understanding of presenting and giving an enchanting look to a website with appropriate navigation.

Web Developers / UX Developers

In this section web developers have to be highly efficient to handle the entire back-end of a website such as programming and intersections on the page. They acquire knowledge about coding, PHP, JAVA Script, .Net and databases etc where they can work effectively to develop the proper website. In short it is programming languages which can be navigated through the programmer or web developer. They completely focus on how a site works and runs efficiently.

Mostly people smudge the lines:

People get confused with these two terms and keep on smudging the lines that both personalities do the same work. But the fact is different. So don’t get confused with these two terms and start your business flourishing with the help of two great characters.


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